THE EXPERIENCE BLOG – Healthy Food In Fashion Fall Gala 2011

13 Oct

We hear it all the time: “Diet, diet, diet!” But how many of us actually adhere to this call to amend our eating habits? Health is important to a long and comfortable lifestyle. Vegetarianism is deeply rooted in the Bible and has become a large part of our society. The avid presence of processed foods and hormonal meats has raised concern among us all. Parents want to make sure their kids are able to grow in perfect health and diet is at the forefront of these concerns.

The Healthy Food in Fashion Fall Gala addressed some of our concerns. The program hosted over 20 NYC vegan restaurants at the New York Academy of Medicine, who gave out samples of some of their finest vegetarian dishes and beverages. The silent auction that took place was to raise funds to bring vegetarian food programs to more schools in New York. Their slogan: “Better Health.Better Grades.Better Behavior.” I couldn’t advocate for this change in diet even more; such a change is necessary to give our children more options. 

I tasted some of the best organic and vegan baked goods, pizza, drank some of the best vegan juices and organic wines. Russell Simmons was in the building. The host of the night was Robin Quivers. The following lists the contributors and the dishes they offered (best believe I made my way around to each table; mouth-gasmic!):

1. Candle Cafe & Candle 79

Chimichurris * Aracini w/Marinara *Plantain Chips & Guacamole Dip  *

2. Chef Laura Dardi

Organic Praline Pumpkin Pie *Cardamom and Candied Ginger Shortbread Cookies

Live Apple Crisp *Fall Marinated Kale Salad on Crostini

3. EchoChef Love Catering

4. 4Course Vegan

5. Fran Costigan, Author, Culinary Instructor

Vegan and Gluten-Free Bittersweet and Ginger Chocolate Truffles

6. Franchia

Soy BBQ “Chicken” Satay, Crispy Tofu Sushi Rolls

Vegetarian California Rolls


Kale Salad

8. iEat Green

9. Live Jolly Foods

“Cheese” Ravioli, Italian Herbed Ravioli, Cashew Orange Chocolate Truffle,

Brazil Nut Vanilla Truffle, Double Chocolate Goji Truffle, Chocolate-Dipped Pie Pieces

10. Natural Kitchen Cooking School

Dandelion Apple Smoothies *Pecan Nut Balls

11. Chef Yoli Ouiya

Home-Free Cheesecake Cuties (Gluten-Free Available)

Seared Seitan with Special Sauce

12. Pure Food & Wine 

Lemon Cheesecake on Gingerbread Cookie with Poached Pear

13. Rama Sushi

Assorted Artisan Sushi

14. Red Bamboo

Grilled Bourbon “Chicken” (plant-based)

15. Sacred Chow

Seitan w/ Thai BBQ *GF Grilled Tofu Spa Salad *GF Sunny Lentil Plate

16. Slice, The Perfect Food

Herb Crusted Organic Vegan Pizza made with Daiya Dairy-Free Cheese

17. Stogo 

Gourmet Organic Dairy-Free Ice Cream

18. Veggiecation

Pumpkin Chili and Black Eyed Pea Spread with Garlic and Cumin

19. V-Spot

Black Bean and Sweet Plaintain Empanadas

20. Inko’s Teas

21. Lakewood Organic Juice

22. Ayala’s Herbal Water

23. Peak Organic Beer

Healthy Food Fall Gala



17 Sep

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THE EXPERIENCE – Roman’s Closet – Launch Event

16 Sep

As I mentioned before, I love presentations. Roman launched his online boutique for vintage items. He presented his pieces on several models during his launch event earlier this week. Congratulations to Roman for taking his brand to another level! We were also presented with the “Unforbidden” art work of Chris, who did a phenomenal job with the paintings. Check out the models, accessories, and art below:








































































































































THE EXPERIENCE – Lela Rose Spring/Summer 2012 – #MBFW 2012

14 Sep

Lela Rose

Lela Rose really brought the heat with her spring/summer collection. The dresses were elegant, yet sharp. The colors were a blend of nudes and pops of spring colors. I enjoy the way Lela Rose creates her pieces, as they appeal to the working woman who wants to escape the drab of a black and white, 9-5 look. The skirts and shorts were also a fine touch to the flowing tops. Some of the pieces contrasted, yet made sense. The evening gowns and long, flowing dresses caught the crowd’s attention, as they saw the attention to detail in the construction. Well done!


We spotted Susan Sarandon in the crowd. What a beautiful woman!

THE EXPERIENCE – Kaelen S/S 2012 – Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

14 Sep

Kaelen Spring/Summer 2012

Another Fashion Week presentation and yet another success! Kaelen blended beautiful nudes and pale blues and pinks to create the masterpiece that was her collection. We highlighted some photos of Kaelen’s pieces that used a bow to accent the look. This collection appeals to the free-spirit woman who also enjoys a touch of sophistication.


14 Sep

We have enjoyed several shows for this season’s fashion week. Perry Ellis, Venexiana, Tibi, Concept Korea, Kaelen, Lela Rose, and much more. We have also met amazing, fashionable people, some pictured below. We are glad you continue to support the Experience Blog with your Facebook likes and we love our readers! Please stay tuned for details on winning our $20 prize and $40 grand prize. 🙂

THE EXPERIENCE – Concept Korea – Steve J and Yoni P

14 Sep

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week consists of runway shows and presentations. I love the runway shows for the exciting moments when the models walk down the runway and show the genius behind the brand via their clothing. I even more so love presentations, as the models stand still and one is able to see all the aspects of the collection and “pick,” so to speak, the designers’ brains. 

Concept Korea was a presentation and collaboration between several designers: Doho, Lie Sang Bong, Resurrection by Ju Young, Son Jung Wang, Steve J and Yoni P. I was so impressed by this presentation. The guests were all greeted with servers holding trays of champagne and the venue was certainly an excellent fit. The lighting was great; when I saw the first group of models, they stunned me with the creativity behind them. The Korean designers are ahead of the game. 

Steve J and Yoni P

I enjoyed this collection. All the models were female and sported round, black sunglasses. The pieces were mod for the ordinary good girl gone bad. The collection appealed to the vintage shopper; the floral patterns and denim jackets worked well together. Good job!