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CHF Dunks??

30 Jul

For those of you looking to save a little bit of cash on dunks, check out this website by clicking on the following:


The exchange rate is not too bad (you can google the exchange rate to calculate what you would have to pay) and the shipping is pretty fast. Enjoy!



23 Jul

Although I haven’t purchased any items in the Dangerous Negro collections, I have been following the clothing brand for some time now. Started by some young intellects who graduated from Vanderbilt University, this brand offers the black community upliftment in the form of clothing. My fraternity brother, Justin Gibbs, is apart of the Dangerous Negro squad and I can attest to the fact that his clothing reflects his lifestyle, the life of a young black intellect on the grind. Pay attention to this brand because I have a feeling it will be on the come up, if not already, very soon. Dangerous Negro has also recently signed the artist Rhymefest, one of my personal favorites (especially for his beats and the song “Put it on my Stick”)

Take a look at some designs and click for the website:

Sneaker Pimp Event

17 Jul

Sneaker Pimps is hosting a series of events that I am very excited about. The company is collaborating with the Clipse, J. Cole, Wale, and a couple more artists to bring you an exciteing line up for the summer. Take a look at the information here:

Sneaker Pimps Event

Sneaker Pimps Event

Introducing mÛs by MaliRo

15 Jul
Maliro, the designer

Maliro, the designer

Malika Romeo, aka Swanky, aka Maliro, is a graduate of Woodtobe Coburn College and plans to enroll in FIT next semester. She is only 19 and already on the road to becoming something big. Her designs are based around a vintage, black and gold style. Malika also sews her own clothing line. Recently, Maliro’s clothing line, mÛs, was photographed in a shoot. Take a look at some photos below!

Favorite Tribute Song

7 Jul

What is your favorite Michael Jackson tribute song? Mines is definitely the one Erykah Badu and the Roots collaborated on. In fact, anytime Erykah and the Roots collaborate, the end result is a masterpiece. Check it out below:

Fashion Show @ Cain – NYC

3 Jul

Last night, I was given the opportunity to photograph the fashion show at Club Cain in New York City. This upscale, 21 and over spot was definitely a good place to be last night. There were a few problems encountered with the police being rude and the club not having control of its line, but the event turned out ok. Tyrese aka Duckie, invited my sister out to blog about the event, but naturally, I had to blog about it as well. His designs were pretty cool and seemed more on the side of costume design, something I believe he wants to pursue. The environment was pretty mixed. There were fly people everywhere, even an Amber Rose look alike. But for every fly person, there were people who messed it up. Too short/tight dresses, wak put togethers, the works. Also, someone needs to tell Cain to throw out their garbage before a line accumulates in front their club. The smell was gravely ill!

Take a look at some photos below!

ARTIST HIGHLIGHT – Michael Jackson

2 Jul

Michael Jackson was a true legacy. Despite all the surgeries and drama surrounding his life, he left his mark on this world. He deserves a moment of silence.

With that said, I was reading U.S. Weekly today and apparently Michael Jackson was not the biological father of the first two kids that were carried by his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, Prince and Paris. He signed an agreement with her saying that the truth would never be revealed, until now. This comes as no surprise, as Michael Jackson is black and there is not a hint of ethnicity in these two children. The actual father is Mike’s dermatologist, Arnold Klein (see him in photo below).



Even though they weren’t his kids, Michael Jackson took great care of Prince Michael II (Blanket), Prince, and Paris.

If you can, take a look at the U.S. Weekly’s 26 page coverage of the talented artist. Remember Michael Jackson!