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26 Aug

I believe that a moment of silence is in order for one of the most influential senators of the Democrat party. Senator Edward Kennedy was a major political force within his party; he extended his powers to defend civil rights, improve the prolonged search for a fair health care system, and uphold his family’s name at a time when two of his brothers, both major political forces themselves, were sadly assassinated. Let’s bow our heads in gratitude and respect to Senator Kennedy, who died at age 77 due to his struggles with brain cancer.

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18 Aug

Between Sex on Jones Beach (not on my part), Club Touch, barbeques of friends, and time with the family, I must say that my birthday weekend was a success. Special thanks go out to the friends and family who celebrated with me, but especially to Arthur and Andrew from Touch who made Saturday night possible. I am back on the go with this blogging thing, so keep posted and I’ll be sure to give you the scoop on recent happenings in fashion, the news, etc.