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26 Apr

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I have not threaded on my blog in literally months, but I figured since I will be experiencing the real world very soon, why not keep you updated, especially after the epic weekend I had at Rites of Spring at Vanderbilt University.

Day one of the Rites of Spring Activities was on Thursday April 22nd, 2010. Battle of the Bands is a competition between student bands on campus (generally only one student from Vanderbilt has to be a band member). The two winners selected from these bands are given the opportunity to open up for the acts the next two days of the Rites of Spring concert. I was apart of Weetu and the Truth last year when our band won and was afforded the opportunity to open up for Pharrell and NERD, TI, and many many more amazing artists.

This year I was asked to host the Battle and host I did. Check out me MC’ing in the videos below:

One of the winners, Alvin Love, was simply amazing. His tone and musicality were equally impressive. I was glad the judges gave him the win. The Delta Saints also won. The singer was simply amazing. Shout out to the rest of the bands. I definitely enjoyed Molly Jewel and Oh Stereo, who both were eclectic and enjoyable.

Check out Alvin Love here:

The next day at Rites was interesting, to say the least. I didn’t buy a ticket for the concert, but somehow my connections never fail to surprise me. I was given an artist pass and made it backstage. I have tons of photos of Drake at the concert and the fun my friends and I had. Friday night was even more so enjoyable because I was able to get in free!!!

It was with great disdain that I was not able to see Melonie Fiona and Dougie Fresh perform on the last day of the Rites of Spring Concert. There were tornado watched all throughout Nashville. The bad weather postponed the performances. Between the cancellations and the shitty weather I decided to take the win by not attending and heading to the Kappa Kiss party at Fuse Club in Opryland. A night most certainly worth remembering!!

Check the Kappa Kiss website out here:

Kappa Kiss Website

P.S. Shout out to my homie Erin Greene. I was her “assistant” producer for the night :0