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DRAKE PLEASE? Not until You Hop OFF the Roof, Stop the Stampede, and TAKE 2 STEPS BACK! JK!

16 Jun

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What happens when you leave your house on a beautiful and sunny Tuesday afternoon only to meet up with thousands of Drake fans for a free concert? HAVOC.

My cousin and I thought we were on the right track, driving into the city to the Paper Magazine SouthStreet Seaport Concert. It was Drake’s album release date AND he was scheduled to perform, for free. Opening acts by Hanson and Brooklyn’s own Ninjasonik were to be apart of the line up. The afternoon certainly started out right, with us finding parking in the city, which rarely happens on a first go and arriving early enough to even stop inside the Seaport Mall and grab a bite to eat.

As we made our way back into the crowd, we were fortunate enough to get a good spot and I began filming and snapping photos immediately. The crowd grew like mold on expired bread. It was priceless. We stood through the smoldering heat as Hanson did soundcheck. This would be all we heard of them for the rest of the night. The vibes were at first peaceful and cooperative. This ended shortly when the drunken high kids invaded our space. It was not too long before the high school kids jumped on rooftops, at first appearing cool because everyone wanted to do it, but then becoming tired as the concert staff stalled Drake’s appearance. Ninjasonik tried to perform but was escorted off the stage as a fight broke out and the crowd swayed like palm trees in Katrina. People can be so destructive. Do you see those beach balls being tossed around in my videos? Yeah, about those. Sure enough, they were both popped by destructive minorities. SMFH

Paper Magazine went wrong in a lot of arenas. First off, they lied. We all knew Drake was on 106nPark. Shit, my homegirl Imani was actually in the midst of the show with Drake when it was announced, “We are not letting Drake on the stage until you take two steps back!” We all knew that was bs. What we could accept though, were the fools on the rooftops getting down. When they resisted, bottles were thrown. Feelings were hurt. One girl got so mad she threw a chair down into the crowd. Fights sporadically broke out all around us, but lucky for us, because as people moved away, my cousin and I pushed further to the front, and hopped around the Drama.

How can a beautiful Tuesday afternoon turn into the Bronx Zoo. Did some think it was the Puerto Rican Day Parade? I assure you they did, because there were flags and half naked dudes all over the place. The violence at this event was unacceptable and the concert was undoubtedly shut down before Drake was even able to make it to the stage. Did Drake disappoint? I say no. I say New Yorkers looked bad. MY PEOPLE looked bad. Why can’t we enjoy a free concert, problem free? Violence Free?

In the future, paper Magazine needs to keep huge artists like Drake on the hush. I mean “CMON SON” it was Drake’s album release date. I beg you not to start charging for this annual concert. Revamp your security team. Shit, screen some of the people out of there. There were dehydrated people passing out left and right. This was a shit show, but in the end I can say that I had fun. We danced to the DJ’s electronic/rave music and for one moment we all felt connected as New Yorkers.

To find more free summer concerts (and there’s SO MANY) click this:

Surprisingly, the night did not end too bad. My cousin and I drove down to wall street and yet again found parking. We hit up the Posse Alumni Event and sipped on some wine before we made it to Stone Street, which I discovered for the first time last night. I had no clue this was the after-work haven for Wall Street Professionals. We ended up at Becketts to a mass of business casual employees and employers alike. The food was decent, but the beer was so overpriced. The game was interesting to say the least. I am not a fan of either team in the finals, as Boston fans are over zealous and I just think Kobe is a sensitive asshole; however, I was hoping the Celtics would close it out this game. I guess game 7 will be something to talk about. Now this is a GOOD FINALS SERIES!!!

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