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Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs Reading

23 Sep

People have described  Bluestockings as a bookstore, fair trade café, and activist center.

Located at:

172 Allen St.
New York, NY 10002
Open Every Day
11am – 11pm

This evening at 7pm, William Upski Wimsatt, known for his graffiti, journalism and as founder of “League of Young Voters, will conduct a free reading of his recent publication “Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs.”

In 1994, William Upski Wimsatt published Bomb the Suburbs, a reflective, non-fiction account of race, politics, art and social change during Hip Hop’s enlightenment era. Hailing from Chicago’s streets, Wimsatt had a lot of exposure to the genre and was well-known for his graffiti tags under the name Upski.

It’s been almost twenty years since that last publication.

The most recent book reveals Upski’s years as an author, political activist and social entrepreneur. Some have described Upski’s work as a “manifesto for progressives in the twenty-first century,” and rightly so considering Upski wrote the book in a post 2008 election time period with renewed inspiration. I haven’t read the book as yet, but it looks like a good read. Enjoy the program!


LONDON show ROOMS LAUNCH – Up Up and Away We Go!

22 Sep

The British Fashion Council (BFC) announced they would collaborate with and will act as the official online retail partner by creating the first exclusive online retail space called the LONDON show ROOMS. This space will act as a place for up and coming designers to show their stuff.

I think this initiative is great, in that it encourages emerging artists and designers to work harder at their craft and grants exposure to the industry in that regard. I wish all the designers luck! The 5 designers who the project will begin with are as follows:

, , ,, and Todd Lynn

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So what does this mean for you, the consumer? Inspiration, if you’re into that type of thing and the ability to have a little bit more variety in your shopping experiences. Enjoy!

A Night At Nightwood

22 Sep

Design Downtown series at Nightwood in Brooklyn, NY. The place to be on the night of September 9th if you weren’t involved with other NY Fashion Week events, like Richie Rich’s show that night. Pascale Gatzen, an instructor at the Parsons College, was the host of the event.

Eric Han selected me to take part in this program as a model for his clothing line. His pieces had a touch of futurism in them. Nightwood was an excellent location for this event. There was a free wine and appetizers bar and I was able to network heavily that night. There were models, artists, designers, photographers, onlookers,  and fashion instructors and student alike. I wore Eric’s clothing all night as I made my way around the room. An estimated 100 or more people showed up. I enjoyed meeting everyone there and hope to hear about another one of these events soon!

The list of designers:

Sarah Aphrodite

Katie Hubbard

Aki Goto
Painted Susan Cianciolo Lena Hawkins
Huong Ngo Caroline Woolard Adriana Young
Andrea Diodati Myrza de Muynck Alex Parkin
Twan Meijerink Alexa Stark Rachel Littenberg-Weisberg
Sandra Servat Colin Sullivan-Stevens Pascale Gatzen
Marlous Borm Daniel Herskowitz
Eric Han Elisa Marchesini

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music : dogr
hair and make-up : r.j. taylor
photography : Chris Gabriel

Artist Highlight – Erin G. Wesley

20 Sep

I met this girl a couple of years ago, and was glad to have made this connection. Her photography skills are sick and she is an LA girl, born and raised. Below you will find an INTERVIEW WITH ERIN WESLEY!

  • Photo subject list includes: Theophilus London, Semi Precious Weapons, Ne-Yo, Peaches Geldof, Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Scott, Akon, Flo-Rida, Eva Pigford, Mark Salling and more.
  • Work has been published in September 2009 Issue of Ebony Magazine, on and Lorena Belcher’s Fly Girl! A Journey from Darkness to Daybreak

When did you start photography?

My parents bought my first toy camera (a Polaroid i-zone) Christmas of ’97 and I’ve been toying around with disposables, Lomography cams, my dad’s cameras and all sorts of cameras ever since, but I didn’t realize that photography was what I was BORN to do until around 2007. When I was just a toddler, my parents gave me the neatest toy doctor kit EVER and I guess that began my whole “I want to be a doctor when I grow up” phase. That PHASE lasted me until sophomore year, second semester of college (FISK University). I loved the concept of being a doctor/surgeon/helping others and I loved the information I was being taught in Biology and Chemistry courses, but the information just wouldn’t click no matter how hard I tried and no matter how many all-nighters I pulled.

During Winter break of sophomore year, I did some soul searching (with help from my lovely roommate, Aki… THANK YOU!). I made a list of favorite hobbies and associated a few professions with each… and of course photography and film were at the top of my list, so I went forward with it, decided I would establish and own a photography/film production company.

What drew you to the art of photography?

My love for storytelling drew me to the art of photography. I also love the raw factor involved in photography – it’s great at exposing absolute truth (photoshop can ONLY do so much). I shake like a stripper whilst speaking in front of crowds larger than 20, but I love sharing my experiences and knowledge with others to promote positive change. A total oxymoron, right? Well I’ve learned this: Each individual has been placed on this universe to somehow impact it. Not all billions of people are born to spread their message(s) verbally. That’s why God, Buddha, or whatever higher being you may or may not believe in provided each of us with talents.  I was chosen to change the world by telling stories through my lens.

What projects have you done lately?

Although I ‘m most excited about photojournalism, lately, I’ve developed a niche for photographing events. My most recent projects include the BBM Lounge 2010 VMA Pre Party, Diesel/Mad Decent Block Party and Cobrasnake’s Endless Birthday. There goes the raw factor again – these party goers aren’t there in hoping to get their photos taken by little ol’ me, they’re there to have a great time and PARTY HARD! The photos are honest – i’m not walking around telling Willow to whip her hair back and forth while she dances, I’m not telling Matt to go paint his face and throw on a wild t-shirt – it’s REAL! it’s RAW! I’m capturing TRUE EXCITEMENT!

Who or what inspires you?

Everything beneath the sun inspires me: Good music, Joe walking down the street, patterns/prints, vivid colors, my mom, dad, friends, but most of all, my stories. I’ve experienced joy, triumphs, love, heartbreak, breakdowns, fear, etc. All of these experiences (and more) have inspired and contributed largely to the photographs I’ve created. Artists that inspire my work range from world renown photographers Andy Warhol, Sally Mann and Ansel Adams to modern photographers Terry Richardson and Kesh. Film directors Spike Lee, Melina Matsoukas and Vashtie are also big influences.

Are you into fashion? If so, who are your favorite designers?

Yes and no. No in the sense that I can’t exactly rap off a list of designers that were prominent in the recent NY Fashion Week. Nor can I see a style and instantly name the designer. Actually, I’m more likely to pull a fashion faux pas like wearing all white in November (not really… I actually hate all white anything)… Point is, I don’t look to designer trends to determine what my wardrobe will consist of for the following season, I like what I like… and that’s that! I’m into prints (tribal, animal… whatever!), vintage finds, sequins, mesh, lace, studs, spandex… pretty much anything designed with dancing in mind. If it has restrictions and I have to tuck or pull something every 5 minutes, count me out! If it gives me space to vigorously shake my heiny, it was practically made for me! Oh! And If I absolutely MUST choose, Marc Jacobs, Jeremy Scott, Isabel Marant and Sam Edelman are designers I’m most drawn to… mainly because they have no borders… and when there are, they color outside of them.

What music do you listen to most? Off the top of your head, name some music artists.

With my musical taste, I’m kind of all over the place. I enjoy Hip-Hop, Jazz, New Wave, R&B, Alternative, FUNK, Electro, Dubstep, Pop… pretty much ANY and everything! My oh-so random cloud of favorite artists consists of Theophilus London, Kid Cudi, Kenny G, Tupac, M.I.A., Erykah Badu, Maluca, Amanda Blank, Discovery, Grizzly Bear, Jay-Z, Kanye, MGMT, Phoenix, Ratatat, Wale, The XX and Bootsy Collins. (Sorry! I couldn’t stop myself! I love music!)


Below you will find some of Erin’s work that caught my eye 🙂

Contact Erin by sending an email to

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19 Sep

Tonight was EPIC. BB Kings on 42nd Street Times Square was as live as it could be. The occasion was Bilal Oliver’s new album release party. The name of the new album is AirTight’s Revenge. I have already listened to all the tracks and recommend you BUY the album and support good music. There were familiar faces in the room; I even saw Estelle chilling in the cut. There were so many people in BB Kings tonight. I would estimate at least 300 people in the room. Probably way more.

Bilal came on stage with such a strong presence. His energy, as always, was on 110% The musicianship was also on another level. He went though  some crowd-pleaser selections like Reminisce and Soul Sista. With each vocal rift and instrument chord, came a funky, upbeat energy that none can easily duplicate. Bilal’s originality on this new album is great. He is one of the most creative and underrated artists of our era.

Robert Glasper joined Bilal on stage responding to his calls of [Whitney Houston voice] “Bobby, Bobby!” Their collaboration was noteworthy. Robert Glasper is a beast on the keys and so is Bilal’s pianist. I would be remiss if I did not mention the bass player and the guitarist. Heck! The whole band did their thing.

After the show was the after party. But no there was no hotel lobby. Bilal’s intent was for the “after party” to be more of an intimate jam session. We got the intimate set, but not much of a jam session, as Bilal was not feeling too well. I must say that for someone who had a cold, Bilal ripped it to shreds. His vocals sounded refreshed and pointed to the fact that this man knows his instrument and knows it well.

Once again, let me emphasize how much I think you should get the album. I enjoyed every track and the instrumentation. It is hard these days to find artists who are real in music and face-to-face. I tried out as a background vocalist for Bilal, as I am a huge fan of his music and he provides immense inspiration for my vocal style. I made it pretty farm but didn’t make it. Bilal remembered me and tonight, we talked briefly about the difficulty he had in selecting voices from a pool of such great voices. I write all that to say, Bilal is real and friendly and a great guy. Tonight’s concert exuded positive energy. We had a great time!

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Funny Moments:

A girl pulls Bilal with force almost off the stage

– Another girl gives Bilal a gift, which we all at first thought were panties, but turned out to be a pair of dope reading glasses

Special Mentions:

– Shout out to the women at the table that my friend and I sat next to. They were hilarious, great company, and I wish we got a photo!

– Shout out to the young woman who I first met at the auditions and remembered. I am a fan of her style.

– Shout out to the young woman who sat with us at the after party. She was a true fan, like myself and I appreciate that!

MBFW 2010 – Eva Minge

16 Sep

The name of the line? SOLIDARITY. Eva Minge delivered just that. Her line was consistent and solid. This was the first time Eva Minge presented her work during Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Her début spoke volumes. Eva Minge’s message is “freedom and solidarity is fashion.” Simple message, powerful portrayal through her work.

Eva Minge’s Spring/Summer 2011 collection reminded me of an 80’s inspired theme. The browns used were warm and their tones were beautiful. A lot of the looks were ready to wear. I enjoyed all the models’ faces. This collection was well done!

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MBFW 2010 – Gottex

16 Sep

Gottex was an extravagant affair. The models were all gorgeous. The swim wear was equally intricate and beautiful. According to designer Molly Grad, “the collection celebrates women. It’s a fusion of technology and Luxury.”

I enjoyed the bright printed and chiffon capes. I also liked the bikinis that accentuated the shape of the models. There were a total of 44 looks. I think adding the belts to some of the swimsuits was simple, yet genius. Take a look at some looks I captured!

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