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Twas a Village Underground Night

25 Oct

The Village Underground, NYC was on fire tonight. Melonie Daniels returned to host the night with Ron Brown. Melonie is a vocal favorite of mines and I was happy I sat next to her and the crew near the stage. The musicians were on point as usual. Let me especially mention the bass man, who was clearly from another planet with his amazing riffs and chords. Chris Tucker was in the building along with Tracy Morgan, Chante (India Arie’s background vocalist), and a few other famous faces. Tonight was a great night to be in the city.

Kimberly Nichole ended the first half of the program with “Dirty Diana.” Kim gave LIFE with her performance. She rocked the stage so hard that the audience was entranced by her every move and sound. I was so impressed I invested $10 in her album “YBJ Reloaded,” which I have on the replay right now! I love independent artists.

A night to remember!



11 Oct announced the release of the second film in its “fashion film” series. Hedi Slimane is the mastermind behind the piece. The film’s title is “I Love USA.” The press release describes the film as such: “Slimane’s idealistic vision of the United States through the prism of the idyllic Californian lifestyle.”

The storyline goes: “Sidney and Wolf are two teenagers who meet for the first time in Venice beach. The teens in the film were both scouted by Slimane at the Coachella rock festival, in 2009 and 2010, respectively; they meet for the first time on the set.”


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5 Oct

House is an interesting genre of music. The deep tones and up-tempo rhythms are intriguing. I played some tracks in my car the other night and something a friend of mines said struck me. She was like, “What are we listening to? I need words to my music.” I am definitely a lyrics guy, but I guess all the years of rap and r&b have drilled a lyrical-oriented existentialism within me. I have listened to some house beats lately and appreciate the art of making beats a lot more.

I SW*@^

5 Oct

There are certain things I live for. I don’t invest that much in clothing any longer, I feel like basic pieces are really all I need, everything else become obsolete as they enter the abyss I call my closet; however, when it comes to shoes, I have a certain weakness for this particular brand.

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They can do no wrong, in my eye. I already have six pairs, and many who have seen me in them, know of my unhealthy obsession with this brand. Please keep the creativity fire fueled. I am in love!

Artist Highlight – @Rhymefest

5 Oct

Che Smith aka Rhymefest was born in Chicago Illinois. This talented man has seen some great places in life. Many don’t know this, but Rhymefest wrote Kanye’s Grammy-winning Jesus Walks. Rhymefest surfaced into my Zune playlist a  couple of years ago when I heard the song, Put it on My Stick, a catchy, up-tempo, witty arrangement that surprisingly drew me close enough to want to find out more about this guy.

I follow Rhymefest on twitter and when I heard Dangerous Negro, a group formed mostly at my alma mater, Vanderbilt University, would be picking up Rhymefest on their self-titled label, I was well-pleased and equally curious. This of course got me excited enough to hear more of Rhymefest’s new music on their recently released, El Che.

One of my favorite tracks on the album, along with the music video,  is One Hand Push-Up.

The Rhymefest website is pretty dope. Check it out here