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Only God Knows 8th Anniversary!

21 Nov

Only God Knows celebrated their 8th anniversary last night with special performances by A Minor Project, Amber Bullock, Rasul, P3 Mime ministry, and the AMAZING Nikki Ross. I have been a fan of Nikki Ross for years and I exploded with inner joy once I heard her sweet vocals.

Only God Knows performed exceptionally. The group expressed their vocal abilities in a range of both powerful and melodious songs choices. The vocals were definitely on point. The Holy Spirit moved and shook through that building yesterday.

Elder Griffin was the MC for the night. There is some footage of him ministering between acts. It was nothing short of AMAZING.

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EVENT HOARDER!!! Ugo Mozie/Ashtyn Showcase/ Prince of Soho Gallery Launch/ Fabolous BDAY

20 Nov

The name implies ALL: EVENT HOARDER!!! This week was full of exciting events.

Earlier this week, the famous stylist, Ugo Mozie, celebrated his birthday in class. Dressed in fur, as often he is, Ugo made a simple entrance. The venue was great and the staff were attentive. We had a great time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY UGO!




The next event we attended was the Ashtyn showcase. The pieces were sexy and the models did a great job. Check the photos below 🙂





















Later on in the week, the Prince of Soho, a wonderful shop on 4 Prince Street, launched an Art Gallery collection painted by artist CONCEPT. Stop by the store and show your support! Three young entrepreneurs, found in photos below, run The Prince of Soho:




















































































OF COURSE THE WEEK COULDN’T END THERE! We stopped by Greenhouse for Fabolous’s BDAY shindig. We were able to meet up with the Sachika Twins, their assistant Barry, and Kandi among others. It was jam-packed outside and extremely hard to get in, but we were all able to get through thank God. And for those who can’t remember the night, here you go:





















































19 Nov

I’ve always regarded independent artist with high esteem. I value their contributions to the genre of Hip Hop because, as we all know, this genre is in serious trouble. Even more respected are the masterminds who glue all the pieces together, the independent producers. Jerry Yirenkyi falls into this category; as a young entrepreneur, he is already making a name for his label and artists in the Philly, Pennsylvania area. He is a friend of mine and I am glad I got the opportunity to interview him. Take a look at the full interview below and stay tuned for more posts on his artists!

1. Jerry, what is it that you do?

I run the label Rinne Records, the studio, as well as manage a couple of my artists but not all of them. I also produce, mix and master the tracks.

2. How did you get into this particular profession?

I’ve always been interested in music as profession but never seriously pursued it  until college. I meet Ngani GanzHQ Ngwira and he helped me explore my film and musical talents.

3. What do you look for in an artist?
Talent is first, then work ethic. Mentality and focus are a big duo to me as well. I need to see how he/she handles certain challenges because this grind is long and tedious. If your mentality is to give up when the going gets tough then I can’t work with you. Belief in yourself. If you can’t then no one can. Those are few of the things I look for in an artist.

4. Who/what is your inspiration?
Jay-Z is always somewhere at the top of the list. He embodies everything that is Hip Hop. He’s still the face of Hip Hop and a savvy business man; He is a self-starter and a go-getter. His business decisions are always calculated and sensible. I also like the way he carries himself as a family man.

5. Why Hip Hop? Do you think it’s direction is one that is positive?
I have a very eclectic taste in music but Hip Hop is what I grew up listening to. And just like anything, I think we are seeing it evolve. Whether it is heading in a positive direction or not is really subjective. But I do think it’s going to keep evolving so the people who are unhappy with the direction needs to take active role in helping shape the future of this genre.

6. What do you think about the Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim beef?
No comment! All I know is I want Foxy to drop more tracks. But I have a female rapper. Just be on the lookout for Jazzy. She’s on my

7. In three sentences or less, what industry advice do you have for your new artists and other up and coming artists out there ?

Celebrate your achievements no matter how small they are because they will help you get through mistakes and obstacles. You have to network constantly. And of course like most things, what you put in is what you are going to get out of it.


18 Nov

Alexander McQueen was just one of those people who are good at what they do and make no apologies for it. I want to honor his name and his craft. He is the fashion designer/artist highlight post of the day!

The women got these before he passed away:

And the men got these:

FALL 2010 collection.


18 Nov

1. Kanye West is in a business suit, at FACEBOOK HEADQUARTERS, on a table. He is clearly a GENIUS
2. Mr. West has mesmerized every single person in that room
3. For all it’s worth, Kanye is so ratched at times, but when he is in his element. HE IS UNSTOPPABLE!

NERD – Nothing

18 Nov

The NERD team is at it again with their new album Nothing.

I enjoyed all the tracks. I got a different feel from the earlier NERD album. I felt this one exuded more of a mellow aura, but the beats were undoubtedly and unsurprisingly on point.

Definitely worth the money!

I am a little upset many people have not heard that NERD released this album. WHAT IS GOING ON?? In the words of my friend Teddy, “NERD needs to fire their marketing team!”

Sneak preview right here!!! CLICK here! NERD- The Man


9 Nov

On my way to work this morning, I received a Facebook message from the alumni association at John Dewey High School, indicating there was a community action meeting tonight where the school’s possible closure would be discussed. I reacted as such, “DEWEY? CLOSING? NEVER!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!” I immediately began doing research into this issue and discovered that NYC’s supposed leader of these schools, Joel Klein, was sweeping through our education system and introducing a new system of smaller charter schools; essentially NYC has tried to privatize education.

The process, described as a “reorganization,” would involve closing the school, shuffling the school’s students into other schools and creating a number of smaller schools within the larger entity. This idea is pure madness. I am highly offended at the vitriol spewing out of Joel Klein’s mouth about the state of John Dewey high School. As an alumnus of John Dewey high School, I can testify to the opportunities John Dewey gave me.

I am class of 2006. I was apart of the dance and music program at John Dewey HS, which has now been dismantled by the way. I was also a member of the Academy of Finance, which originated from John Dewey High School, and the Computer Science Program.  My love for singing and cooking originated in John Dewey HS, where I took classes for both. I am a graduate of Vanderbilt University, where I received a full scholarship and now have a full time job in the financial sector.

The budget cuts this city has experienced has affected education first. Have we not learned anything from our neighboring state of New Jersey where corporate moguls like Mark Zuckerburg had to save the schools by investing money tied with corporate interest? Who will be New York’s savior?

This is outrageous, outlandish, and arrogant of our representatives. As a young American and Brooklyn native, I cannot express how livid I was to hear that our leaders are so lazy to the point where a quick solution trumps one where we get to the root of the problem and fix it.  John Dewey HS has a very unique academic program, one where we have free periods between classes used to develop academic faculties in places such as the resource centers, where books and faculty members are available to aid academic needs. Admittedly, Dewey has declined in culture and expectation; however, how DARE our leaders propose closing the school when success stories such as me and hundreds of my peers exist? Evidently the system works. Something needs to be done to counteract these proposals and plans for my school. I attended the community action meeting tonight. Here was a summary of points. Also, you will find below images of the statistics gathered on my school.

Significant Changes:

– resource centers have less faculty on staff and the books are under lock and key

– safety is a larger issue

– the school dismantled the dance program and the music rooms are now used as storage

– Theater is gone

How will closure affect our school?

– Shuffling of students into random schools; disrupting the college application process for seniors and affecting the psyche of those who have some more years left at the institution

– The loss of tradition and Dewey culture due to the new staff who will be onboard

– Privatization of public schools

– Less AP (college credit courses) made available to students

– An invisible line being drawn throughout the school’s hallways indicating the separation

– Confusion amidst the multiple sections created because there is only one auditorium and cafeteria

– Loss of the John Dewey High School that we know and love


– If you are an alumni or in any way associated with JDHS, write a testimonial letter indicating how Dewey helped your transition to college or life in general and send it to

– Write letters and call Joel Klein demanding a formal meeting where we can discuss their decisions on our school’s future

– Join JDHS alumni network at