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Wish Performs at The Bebe Store in Soho!

18 Jul


I have become a huge fan of Wish. She is a rising star and was just signed with Jive Records. When I first heard the song “Feel Your Beat,” I fell in love with her sound. After Wish released her music video for Feel Your Beat, I fell in love with her look. Follow Wish on twitter @wishishere and check out her music video and live performance below:




18 Jul

Ledisi is one singer who is timeless and has developed her vocal ability to a level of near perfection. I am in love with her tone and presentation. I was equally impressed by her performance at the Prospect Park Bandshell series earlier this month. Feel the chills down your spine as you click-through each of these videos, capturing her dynamic talent. Also check out the smooth tone of the opening act, Anthony David.

Barbee ft. Trina – Come See About Me

21 Jun

This is another typical music video: beautiful women, no substance. There are beautiful women everywhere, in half-naked attire, washing cars. How productive would that car wash be? Another fantasy bites the dust. I can get into the track somewhat, but the concept is too cliché. Trina and her sexy siren maintenance crew do look beautiful though!

New Release! Mil Sims drops Fwd: Fortune

14 Jun

Mil Sims drops his long-awaited ‘FWD: Fortune’ with Rinneganz Productions. The artist hails from the 610 area code region and is one of the hottest rising talents in the nation. Along with great production, the 19-year-old delivers cunning lyrical flow. Check it out now!

Music Mondays – WISH IS HERE!

16 May

Feel Your Beat Up in This Club…Can’t Nobody Out There Tell You Nothing…Lyrics to the new masterpiece by Jive Recording artist, Wish. 

As I was browsing the internet this morning, I ran into Wish’s website and fell in love with her new music. Feel Your Beat has a catchy beat and falls into the category of a club song. Congrats to Wish on her new video, which was well done. The break down scene was everything I needed to start my day. I enjoy Wish’s look, as it is very different from any female rapper out there now. This song will be very big and so will Wish. Watch out Nicki Minaj…we need this breath of fresh air!

Rick Ross, Bobby Valentino, Wale, Maino, Red Cafe, Ragazino @ Paradise Theater

8 May

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The Bomb Lager concert was, at the least, an interesting experience. I learned eight important things.

1. Don’t leave a tip jar anywhere near the counter of a bar during a rap concert. The thugs WILL steal a tip jar after purchasing a drink.

2. Parties and concerts i n the Bronx still look like a 90s TLC video… the dress code was ridiculous.

3. When Red Cafe comes on stage, a fight WILL break out.

4. I love hood venues. They give a thrill and it’s quite the comedy

5. I can go anywhere with my friend Akua.

6. A cloud of green smoke will hover over the room during a Rick Ross concert. 

7. Every hood concert requires 100 goons on stage.

8. Females still wear corsets with Bebe jeans and baby hair pressed down with a jar of gel.

All in all, we had a great EXPERIENCE! Rick Ross was extra live and the other artist did their thing.


Yelle Live!

2 May

Concerts are events that I often attend.Music stirs my soul and the possibilities within the craft are endless. I am into so many different types of music; the different sounds tickle my ear drum. As such, I had to see French pop artist Yelle live in concert yesterday at Irving Plaza in New York City (of course, Front Row Magic style). I am not French by birth, nor do I speak a lick of the French language; however, when I first heard Yelle’s music, understanding came instantly. I didn’t know what the lyrics meant, but somehow I did. It’s funny how music becomes its own language and medium for ethno-racial lines to be blurred. Yelle’s YouTube videos impressed me, but her jaw-dropping performance took the prize.

Yelle’s body looked amazing in the leopard print outfit she first had on. She then changed into a skin-tight cheetah print body-suit later in the show. Her orgasmic dance moves and confident stage presence wooed the audience into a comatose, yet highly energetic trance. I would pay again and again to see Yelle perform. EXCELLENT SHOW! And after, we enjoyed some Brick Oven pizza near 14th Street Union Square. Check out the photos!