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Thought of the Day: Charlie Sheen vs Tiger Woods

11 Mar

What do you think of when you hear the words: Tiger Woods? Cheater, liar, sub par husband, worthless. In the same breath, some may think: world’s top golfer, Blackasian, Frosted Flakes. Regardless of what light you see Tiger Woods, we crucified him because of his infidelity. With eight alleged mistresses, Tiger Woods was the topic of everyone’s conversation for months after the Dec. 2009 revelation.

Charlie Sheen is in a totally different class, yet to me, all the same. Recordings of his spousal abuse, racist remarks, and drug abuse were all released in a massive media attack over the past weeks. What is the difference between the way we have responded to Charlie Sheen and Tiger Woods? It seems to me like we have glorified Charlie Sheen and chewed Tiger Woods up with a mouthful of blood.

I cannot presume the underlying reason for the contrasting treatment of these two very similar men is due to something like race. Within several weeks of all the drama surrounding Charlie Sheen being publicized, he joined twitter. After some controversial interviews, Charlie Sheen’s followers jumped from 0 to over 2 million. He has only tweeted 95 times as of now. Within weeks of Tiger Woods’ drama, he lost endorsements (as did Sheen), but his name left a bad taste in many of our mouths, more so than Sheen. I have heard many instances of Charlie Sheen quotes, all said in good humor.

Do we receive Charlie Sheen better because of his nonchalant attitude towards the issues surrounding his name? Is personality the prime factor here? Do we celebrate Sheen in a more light-hearted manner because we view him as “cool?” Is the issue here race? I will ponder some more on this.


Thought of the Day – EYE SEE YET HAVE NO VISION!

1 Mar


Oftentimes we find ourselves in a circular pattern. This is the pattern of living. What some of us fail to realize is that we see, yet lack vision. We walk around daily in the same routinely-devised plan; there is much to be done and we see it, yet lack the vision to address it, to change it. How can we develop vision? There are a number of ways:


1. Write down a four year plan. Where do you see yourself in four years? How do you aim to get there?


2. Think about some immediate, tangible ideas that have haunted you for years, but you haven’t acted on them because you were complacent.


3. Read more books (Books that actually challenge the mind)! Explore your EXPERIENCES.


If you follow this semi-recipe, this time next year, some of your goals should be realized.

Thought of the Day – Thoughts

14 Feb

What is a thought?

Thought (n) – idea; concept; product of the mind.

How many times do we sit down, relax, and give our minds some time to breathe? Not very often. This is especially so in busy cities like New York. These thoughts came to my mind as I sat down in a relaxed state in the steam room tonight, thinking…contemplating on life. It was a great feeling to release conception; it was an amazing experience gathering my thoughts.

Sometimes we just need to pace ourselves and see nature. Those of us who believe in the Bible should know that it emphasizes doing just that. There is beauty in silence and power in conception. Many of us saw the movie, Inception, where Leonardo DiCaprio had to go deep within the cavities of the subconscious to plant an idea that was not there. Our brains are comprised of depth and structure. Thoughts are powerful tools. Imagine if we can harness the power of thought. There would certainly be more successful people in this world.